Wedding Dress Boxes & Preservation

Preserve your precious memories

A wedding dress holds a special place in a bride's heart, often treasured as a symbol of their big day. Many choose to preserve their gown as an heirloom, passing it down to future generations.

However, even if a dress appears clean after a single use, it still requires delicate cleaning to maintain its quality. Hidden soiling, such as perspiration, body oils, and food or beverage spills, can accumulate on a dress, particularly on the hemline and train of long dresses. Some stains may not be visible at first but can worsen over time, leading to discolouration and damage to the fabric.

We recommend our boxing service for long term storage where layer the dress in acid-free tissue. For best results store in a dry cool place. Items should never be stored in plastic or nylon for more than a few weeks. Dampness can accumulate and cause mildew to set in.

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