Curtains and Drapes

Eastern Drycleaners offers professional curtain cleaning services to the Canterbury region at a reasonable price.

We are experienced in cleaning all drapes including cotton, velvet, thermals, and even silk. Our machines are designed and calibrated to be able to clean and dry your drapes at the optimal temperature for the specific fabric your drapes are made from. This minimises the risk of shrinkage.

Full Service option

Our full service option includes us taking down and rehanging your drapes. We quote for the remove-rehang seperately so you know what is involved.

Please note: all drycleaners will only clean your thermal drapes at your own risk, as they are not a long-life product and run the risk of delaminating.


Treatments for Mildew on Drapes

Mildew is a common problem with many drapes, particularly on the lining or thermal backing, which are the areas next to the glass. We do have treatments available for mildew and are happy to talk with you about what might be most suitable for your requirements.

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