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When it comes to your wedding only the best will do. Our all-inclusive bridal service commences with a personalized consultation with our expert tailors. They are dedicated to ensuring your wedding gown fits you flawlessly, crafting it by hand and meticulously pressing it to ensure you radiate absolute elegance on your special day.

After your big day, our skilled master dry cleaners will delicately clean and expertly press your wedding dress, restoring it to its original splendor. If desired, we can also carefully package your wedding gown in specialized, acid-free tissue for long-term preservation, allowing you to cherish the memory for many years to come

Our specialists benefit from the knowledge that has been passed down by master drycleaners for over six decades of cleaning wedding dresses and ball gowns - made from even the most delicate of fabrics - from satin, silk, lace, taffeta, antique lace and blended fabrics. Different fabrics benefit from different cleaning processes. For beads, pearls, sequins and crystals we have specialist hand done treatments that give your dress that extra bit of clean so your dress' finest details are looking their absolute best.


Our Bridal & Wedding services

Your bridal gown stands as one of the most cherished garments you'll possess. It serves as a memento, evoking memories of your extraordinary day. Ensuring its preservation is paramount, and this is where Eastern excels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I store my gown to preserve its beauty?
The best place to store your gown after it is cleaned and preserved is in a temperature-controlled environment where it is heated and air-conditioned. Avoid storing your gown in humid places like your attic or basement because humidity can cause yellow stains to your dress.
How long does it take to clean my wedding dress?
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How much is the average cost of having my wedding gown cleaned and preserved?
The total cost of having your gown cleaned and preserved depends on a lot of factors. Your preservation company will determine the total cost after they have examined the condition of your dress and what processes are needed to clean it. After that, they will let you know how much it costs. You can also let them know of special requests if you have any.
What are wedding gown cleaning and preservation services?
Wedding gown cleaning and preservation are the two processes that are done to your dress to make it last longer. Cleaning and preservation companies use special technologies to remove invisible stains in your dress that can cause damage if not cleaned well. They also have a special preservation technique used to make your gown last longer with a museum-like quality.
Do you clean bridesmaid dresses too?
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Can you clean any kind of stains?
We clean all stains, however, this does not guarantee full removal of the stain. To give us the best opportunity of removing stains, please inform us what originally caused it, as the stain removal product may vary in accordance with this additional information.
Is Eastern an environmentally friendly drycleaner?
Yes! We use Biodegradable Sensene cleaning solutions.

Our Bowe M30 machines have very high solvency power but are very gentle on fabrics. Textiles retain bright colours, dis-colouring is prevented and your items are left with a soft “touch” and a pleasant, clean smell.

Our all-new Sensene cleaning solutions are biodegradable, have low aquatic toxicity and are an environmentally responsible textile cleaning solution. Great for you, your items and the environment.

Did we mention we're 100% PERC Free?

Conventional dry cleaning is one of those activities that few people think about when they consider environmental impact. For a long time, perc (short for perchloroethylene) was the most commonly used solvent in dry cleaning. Perc has been found to cause damage to the liver and kidneys, impaired memory, dizziness and headaches. It is also considered a potential carcinogen. For the safety of our customers, their families and our staff, Eastern is 100% Perc free. We are the only Dry Cleaner in Christchurch that has stopped using Perc completely. To find out more about the dangers of Perc, click here.

Eastern Drycleaners will continue researching best practices, and the most up-to-date environmentally focused products. We want what you want, a sustainable future!

0% emission All-Electric delivery vans Our delivery vans are all electric, 0% emission which we believe reflects the environmentally friendly approach Eastern has taken with the use of modified alcohol as our cleaning solvent.

Visit the Sustainability page to find out more.


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