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It is important to keep your home looking fresh and one of the best ways of doing this is to clean household items that go through a lot on a daily basis. But household items are often heavier and more difficult to clean than your everyday clothes and garments.

Here at Eastern, we can clean all types of household items from curtains to cushion and sofa covers, rugs and mats, towels, duvets, soft toys and more!

Every item is carefully inspected, dry cleaned, pressed and hand packed. We offer a dry cleaning service following the garment manufacturer's cleaning instructions to detail as well as using the latest equipment and processing techniques, paired with expert knowledge, to ensure that all items receive our best attention.


Our Home & Furnishings services

Over time, dust and allergens accumulate on drapes, rugs, and window treatments, affecting air quality and health. Our deep cleaning methods provide a solution, leaving your items feeling fantastic to the touch and smelling amazing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bedding can you clean?
We clean duvets, bedspreads, mink blankets, eiderdowns, sleeping bags, woolrests, tablecloths, pillows, sofa and pillow covers, squab covers, throw-overs and even small cushions and more.
How does the FREE Pick up and Delivery service work?
1. Choose when and where you wish us to collect & deliver your Drycleaning or Laundry.

2. We collect your bag or garment, invoice and clean your items according to your requirements. You'll be updated via the Eastern Drycleaners app, each step of the way.

3. We deliver your items cleaned at the agreed time.
Can you clean any kind of stains?
We clean all stains, however, this does not guarantee full removal of the stain. To give us the best opportunity of removing stains, please inform us what originally caused it, as the stain removal product may vary in accordance with this additional information.
Is Eastern an environmentally friendly drycleaner?
Absolutely! At Eastern, we prioritize your well-being and the environment. We do not use toxic cleaning chemicals, particularly PERC (perchloroethylene).

Our commitment to sustainability and health has earned us a nomination from Keep New Zealand Beautiful for the title of 'Most Sustainable Business' nationwide. To understand the importance of avoiding PERC, simply search 'The Dangers of Using PERC.' Our cleaning solutions and wet cleaning soaps possess exceptional solvency power while remaining gentle on fabrics. They preserve vibrant colors, prevent discoloration, and leave your items with a soft touch and a delightful, clean scent. These cleaning solutions are biodegradable, have low aquatic toxicity, and represent an environmentally responsible textile cleaning solution. Eastern Drycleaners will continue researching best practices, and the most up-to-date environmentally focused products. We want what you want, a sustainable future!

0% emission All-Electric delivery vans Our delivery vans are all electric, 0% emission which we believe reflects the environmentally friendly approach Eastern has taken with the use of modified alcohol as our cleaning solvent.

Visit the Sustainability page to find out more.

Free pickup & delivery

Don't have time to drop it off? We offer free pickup & delivery service in Christchurch from Monday through Saturday. Trust Eastern Drycleaners for exceptional laundry & drycleaning service that meets your needs!


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