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Frequently Asked Questions

Each dress is unique, just as the fitting process is distinct, ensuring that your gown feels absolutely perfect for your momentous day!

Step 1— Book a consultation
Step 2— Bring your dress and shoes in for a fitting where we determine what alterations are required.
Step 3— Receive an estimation of cost and time frame of alteration from our team.
Step 4— On confirmation, alterations are completed to a 2nd fitting stage, if required, or for final fitting.
Step 5— In some instances you may wish to revisit us for final alterations in a 3rd fitting.

Step 6— Dress is ready! Final payment made upon collection.

The first fitting will generally last one hour as your tailor begins to assess your dress and the alterations needed. Following the first hour-long appointment, each subsequent fitting should take less time since the dress is getting closer and closer to the perfect fit. How many fittings you’ll need may all depend on the number of alterations required and how much your body changes during that time.

We cannot quote you without first seeing your dress and understanding what needs doing, so you will need to book a consultation and we will go from there! We will do our best to give you an estimated quote, but prices are based on the time it takes to complete your alterations.

More extensive changes can be made with enough budgeted time and money (these will cost more). Customizations include adding details like off-the-shoulder straps, sleeves, train length, lace appliqués, beading, buttons, and a bustle. We love helping you to personalise your look! Whether you want to add an illusion neckline, add sleeves, make a topper, create wings or a cape, or even add beading or lace, our team of expert designers and seamstresses can help you create your dream dress!

Please bring shoes of the heel and platform height you plan to wear (so we can mark your hem), and any undergarments you plan to wear to all of your appointments, and if you have multiple options, your seamstress will help you pick which will work best for your body type and shape. 

At Eastern, we make it simple and easy to schedule your fittings according to your timeline and schedule. Contact us for more information.