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We often have three or four wedding dresses a day come into our shop. Some are brand new and just need a freshen-up and press after leaving the dressmaker. A few are being cleaned for a second ceremony.

All wedding gowns cleaned
Another staff member imagines a wedding gown would suit Kirsty.

Uusually the first ceremony was held overseas. Some are being prepared for sale, but most are being cleaned and stored.

A surprising number of the gowns brought in recently for cleaning have been forty or fifty years old and one was eighty years old. They're all beautiful, but sadly many have been allowed to deteriorate beyond repair. Often this is not discovered until the daughter or granddaughter wants to wear it for her wedding. We've seen several sad cases where the gown was just not wearable.

We can usually restore the general colour of an old gown, usually cream or ivory instead of the yellow it has become. But old brown stains cannot usually be removed. They are generally caused by food or drink, perspiration etc, which was either not noticed or was wiped off at the time. However, even if you can't see it, the stain still leaves sugars and starches in place which darken with time, and as they darken they set in the fabric.

Avoid Future Disappointment!

You can avoid a lot of future disappointment by having your gown cleaned properly as soon as practicable after the wedding. The sooner visible stains are treated the better the chance of their removal. Areas with likely staining such as under the arms must also be treated even if stains are not visible. Different fabrics benefit from different cleaning processes. Anything in the way of beads, pearls, sequins, crystals etc., also requires specialist treatment.

Bring Your Precious Gown to the Specialists.

Naturally, at Eastern Drycleaners we are specialists in drycleaning wedding dresses and ball gowns. We can clean your gown whether it is satin, silk, rayon or other fabric and whether it includes beads, pearls, sequins or lace. We can usually remove mud, grease, food and drink stains and general grime very successfully. Don't take risks with such a precious garment.

The Importance of Correct Storage

The two key requirements for storage are that the garment must be kept dry and dust-free. This is why it should not be stored in plastic or nylon for more than a few months. Dampness can accumulate under the cover and cause mildew to set in.

We recommend boxing, with the gown layered in acid-free tissue for long-term storage, although we can advise on other alternatives. If you would like to ask us about the best treatment for your precious gown feel free to ring our manager on our factory line, 379-4600. Just ask for Grant. Alternatively, click on Contact Us on the menu at the top left corner of this page.

Eastern Drycleaners Christchurch New Zealand Specialist Wedding Gown Cleaners

Eastern Drycleaners have done all our drycleaning. This includes wedding and bridal gowns and bridesmaids gear, along with menswear, formal suits, shirts ties etc. We have found Eastern Drycleaners to be very helpful and professional in all their dealing with us.

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