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Few things can impart such a feeling of luxury as a good leather or suede jacket.  If the idea of owning such a garment appeals to you, here are some thoughts to consider.  I need to preface this by saying that these are my own opinions only, though based on my experience as a drycleaner.

  • Leather is definitely a situation where you get what you pay for.  If you are paying under $600 retail for a leather jacket you are (this is my own opinion) buying a cheaper garment.  It may prove more difficult to clean and may not maintain its appearance as well as a more expensive garment might do. 
  • Leathers and suedes are expensive to clean.  We charge $60.00 for a jacket, and generally like to keep them for three weeks. Included in this price are conditioning and proofing treatments advisable after cleaning for any leather or suede garment.
  • Coloured leather and suedes - pinks, greens, blues, purples etc and also the ochres, blood reds and so forth -  are likely to have poorer colourfastness, and may therefore be difficult to spot clean.  This means, for example, that treatments for such things as a simple pen mark can cause loss of colour, leaving a white area where treatment was applied.

So if you see a leather or suede jacket that you fall in love with, what can you do to preserve its condition and reduce expensive cleaning to a minimum? Here are some ideas

  • Remember that a leather or suede garment is a dress garment only.  You should not wear it in any work situation, or where it may get dirty, or where it may have food or drink spilled on it. 
  •  The areas most subject to soiling on leather and suede jackets are those that come into contact with the skin.  Body oils, perfumes and makeup can build up leaving an unsightly and unpleasant accumulation, particularly around the neck and cuffs.  These deposits can sometimes be difficult to clean without incurring some loss of colour.  I would personally recommend that when wearing a favourite leather jacket, it's a good idea to always wear long sleeves and an inconspicuous scarf to cover the back of the neck.
  •  It's better to have your jacket cleaned before it gets too dirty

If you have any queries about your leather or suede garment, please feel free to contact me at our factory number.  If you have an older garment that is a bit neglected or worse for wear, you are welcome to bring it in for me to have a look at.  You may be surprised at what we can do to restore its condition

More information about buying leather & suede is available in our newsletter  May 2004

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Please note that full leather garments normally require three weeks

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