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We are sad to advise that our dyer has recently retired, and we are now unable to offer this service
However, this page contains information that will be useful if you are able to locate another dyer, so we have left the information here. 

Note that dyeing is a time-intensive process, and is therefore expensive.  Customers should be advised of the following.

  • Worn areas will normally show up as a lighter shade after dyeing.  There is therefore little point in dying a garment which is not in good condition.
  • Stains, paint etc on the garment will show through after the dyeing process.  If the drycleaner cannot remove them there is little point in proceeding with the dyeing.
  • Dirty areas will show up after dyeing.  The item must be washed at home or drycleaned before dyeing.
  • Existing colours are stripped before dying, but dyeing works best when choosing a colour darker than the original. Patterns, stripes etc on the garment will show through.
  • The customers may wish to consider whether they would be better off investing the money in another garment.

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Things we can do

Did you know that you can have your drycleaning picked up at work and delivered back at no extra charge.



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